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Chesterland, Ohio

Adoptable Seniors


Lulu Lulu

“I’m 1st to greet folks and have a lot to tell you about”, that’s petite 10 year old Lulu.  She loves being petted and told what a wonderful girl she is.  Lulu was rescued from the tough streets of Cleveland.  Now at Happy Tails, her caretaker has passed away and she needs a home. She gets along with others but can be shy when too many are around.  If you’re looking for a girlfriend Lulu is it!   The Vet says Lulu is in great shape and up to date on all her shots.  Lulu’s had to have all her teeth removed, now she will require a (soft) can food diet.  Oh, by the way, she will come to you!  Yes, she has friends who’ll give her a lift straight into your heart!


Sweet, social, playful, 8 year old, I’m the cuddle buddy you’re looking for.  I love people and other cats and live in a mostly cage-less enclosure with many friends.  My caregiver passed away and my friends and I are in need of an immediate home.  I‘m up-to-date on all my shots and the Vet say’s I’m “in the pink”.  I even have private transportation to your door.  I can’t wait!  No kitten nonsense with me.  Just pure mature lovin’.  How about it?


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