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I am very shy at first.  I like to see the volunteers but, I am not ready to be pet.  Once I trust you, I can build a relationship with you. I will need a little time and patience to adjust to my new home. I get along with other cats and would make a great cat companion.



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Is a beautiful girl who loves the outdoors.  She is shy and afraid of people, but absolutely adores Bandit.  We would always see them hanging around together.  They were both porch cats who lived in cat condos.  They are now in one of our cage-less enclosures doing well.  However she would thrive being outside with adequate shelter or the ability to have access to both inside and outdoors.  Kelly recently made friends with one of  her caretakers who can now pet her.












Is a 8 year old Calico, with beautiful amber eyes. She is still fearful of people, but loves the other barn cats.  She would be a great cat companion! Sparkle enjoys relaxing in the sun.




Is a great mouser!  She is really a great girl and would be a good cat companion.  This petite senior preferred the porch suite.  She definitely likes to be outside but she does okay inside too.




Prefers to keep to himself.  He is shy and fearful of people.  He always approaches when it is mealtime, but not close enough to touch.  Even though he is a barn cat his beautiful medium length black hair always looks well groomed.  Dragon gets along with the other cats.  He would make a great cat companion.

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